can’t make it up if i tried

I’m supposed to be in salt lake city today taking a real estate exam that i haven’t studied for.  i chose not to go since it coincided with time to move  into a new cabin.  I started the move yesterday, assessed my storage unit and went out last night all the while thinking, what am i going to tell work about the test.  This morning, my man slice took me to my car, it mysteriously had a flat tire.  There was my excuse, given to me.   Rescued by my knight in shining armor, he put the spare tire on while I assisted with the instructions.   Changing a tire whilst hungover required sustenance of  coffee with cream, two eggs over medium, a biscuit, bacon and hash browns.  I should have taken a photo.   Halfway read the paper while listening and watching the other tables.  Found an ad I’m considering applying for however work on the resume is required which is not an enjoyable task so here I am typing on a blog that is a pastime.   I’ve never been very good at blogging anyway.   My morning adventure continued with a trip to storage to grab two tires, then dropping off my car.   I decided to walk home since it’s relatively close and I could use the fresh air and exercise.  It’s a gray humid morning mixed with patches of melting snow and spring forcing her way in.    It’s always interesting walking around town seeing how people live in the different areas, discovering horses living in close proximity to the schools and a cabin i’ve never noticed before.  I saw the most brilliant bluebird and stopped to watch the swans and geese in one of the protected estuaries.   Upon stopping my phone rang, my car was ready.   One of the nice things about living here is you can safely ask complete strangers for rides.  It’s all about good karma.   Drew, my new friend, after feeding the swans, conveniently headed back to town.  He gave me not only a ride but a quick lesson about the swans as well as recommendations to check out Island Lake in the Winds and Bob Marshall wilderness in Montana near Glacier.   This summer is going to be insane,  I  can feel it.  two thousand twelve is intense already with six hours of sleep most nights, making new friends, staying up all night talking and sometimes dancing, constant change and the happiest i’ve been in a long, long time.  come what may.   bring it.  i’m ready,willing and may have a slight hangover.

Moving…. stat.  resume… Sunday?


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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