re con

Emotional week….  highs and lows and life doesn’t slow down. I spent my entire Friday relaxing and sleeping.  I stayed in my PJs, which for the record aren’t for sleeping in but rather for daytime lounging about, successfully most of the day.

My ex this week asked me  if there was a chance of reconciliation; I had to tell him I didn’t think  there was a chance.   I knew I was going to have to answer that question from him.   I hate it but, we are done.   I’m just now realizing how unhappy I was in my marriage.    I take full responsibility for my unhappiness.  I didn’t address issues we had from the beginning.  I wasn’t honest with myself and I wasn’t honest with my husband.   Honesty is so important.  It’s as I’ve learned, an essential key ingredient.

I’m moving forward; maybe a bit too fast and I know I’m in way over my head with this man in my life.  I am smitten, crushed, crazy about him.  Waking up with him in my bed is seriously my favorite thing.   I have found the lover I’ve always wanted.   I’m following my intuition.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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