retail is not therapy

I’ve had two issues of Cosmo mysteriously land on my desk this week. Most of the articles are ways to spice your relationship up, ways to make the sex better.   Hmmm, coincidence?   Since I am still not feeling one hundred percent and fighting off a cough and cold, I sat on the couch and indulged.  Drinking hot ginger with lemon tea while reading the latest issues of Cosmo.

What did I learn pray tell?  That I need to quit whining, put my big girl sexiest panties on and seduce my man.   I also learned that these magazines while entertaining are completely foreign to me and I would much rather have spent my time finding some new music or reading one of the many books on my list.   I also came to the conclusion if I need fashion advice; I can take cues from the Minx.   I so have a girl crush on her.

On a mission to make myself feel better both mentally and physically over the weekend, I did what women like to do in the the throes of despair and make up for it with a bit of retail therapy.   My retail therapy consisted of a hour and half trip to the closest TJ Maxx.   I found new pillows for the couch, a new lamp, candles, lotions, cashmere socks and a new scarf.   I forgot how exhausting shopping can be.  I had a few other places to go on my list but decided to call it quits and made the hour and a half drive back home (my bank account thanks me).  I have to wait to do real damage when I can go somewhere decent to shop (aka the city).

Tomorrow by this time, I know I’m going to feel better because I had a consult with a homeopath this afternoon and she’s brewing a voodoo concoction.  I can’t wait.



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