We were in the kitchen last night with me sitting on the counter while he cooked.   He asked how a friends’ visit went and if she’d made any progress in getting back together with her ex-boyfriend.    

  “He doesn’t want a long distance relationship and she’s not willing to move here from the city,”    “Well” he said, “I don’t understand why she can’t find a husband in the city and is trying to find love in a ski town.”     “I don’t think she necessarily wants to get married,” I replied.    “Isn’t that what all women want?”   he asked.    “I wouldn’t have been able to get away without marrying you.”     “I don’t know, if I had to do it over, I don’t think I would want to get married.”     “You’re only saying that because you are married.”   “Maybe so dear, maybe so.”  

The rest of the night we sat on the couch eating pad thai and catching up on the hbo shows we had recorded from sunday night.  kissed each other good night and off to bed.

About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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