one day….

Here it is yet another month.  I keep thinking “I need to write something and get back into the habit.” The days come and go.

My alarm (the iphone duck sound) goes off at 650.  I turn the alarm off and lay in bed for another ten minutes or longer depending if I take a shower before going to work or not.  Yes, it’s true.  I don’t always shower before work.   I live in the mountains though so who really cares.  It’s a beautiful thing.  At any rate, I usually have our two cats on the bed when the alarm goes off.  They will sit there and stare at me until I get out of bed or on the alternative make biscuits and purr in their loudest voices imploring me to get out of bed to feed the starving kitties.   If I do take a shower, the kitten comes into the bathroom to keep me company and to watch the droplets of water run down the sides of the shower afterwards.  I’ve never understood the fascination kitties have with water.  Afterwards,I usually stand in my closet for a good five minutes trying to decide what will be appropriate for the days’ weather.  Right now it’s skirts, boots and leggings weather, throw in a scarf for good measure.    The cats race me downstairs as I put the kettle on for Mate’ and finally feed them.   I grab a granola bar, an apple and whatever leftovers are in the fridge for breakfast and lunch.  Give the boy a kiss and I’m out the door in about an hour’s time.

As I drive to work, the sun comes up over the mountains spilling it’s light into the Valley.   I drive out of town, through rolling farmland with horses and cows passing over the Snake River and finally facing the Tetons as  I make my way out to the Mountain Resort.  Lately the road is paved with gold leaves falling from the trees.  It is truly a beautiful sight……..

My day is filled with e-mails, phone calls and meetings leaving me in no mood to be social afterwards.   I go home, quickly change and drive ten minutes out to the ranch where I am lovingly greeted by several different horses.   After grooming and riding it’s around eight o’clock with the sun quickly fading.   Something light for dinner with a glass of wine, a shower and then bedtime because the next morning always comes early.

Everything changes once the snow flies.

p.s  she so got her mice, yes there were two and she lined them up side by side for me.

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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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