Open for Business

With recent sparks of the resurgence of blogging, maybe this time I will make a decent go of it.

Only time will tell.

Life is funny, haha.  It moves so fast and yet what do we seek to accomplish?   I have wasted my summer so to speak in that I have no great tales to tell of summiting various peaks or camping every weekend.  No, this summer has been quieter and more relaxed.    My horse has been lame which has forced me to walk her every day thus learning amazing subtleties. I have become a much better rider.  My OCD and anxiety have taken a back seat for the first time in my life allowing me to relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.    I bought a 1970s vintage  Schwinn Bike for next to nothing in great condition perfect for roaming around town.  It needs some new paint and a few tweaks here and there, but what a score.

My two year old black and white tuxedo kitten caught her first mouse tonight, regrettably inside the house.  She also let it escape, twice.   Said mouse is still at large.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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One Response to Open for Business

  1. Brian says:

    It would be so nice if some personal blogging started up again. Yeah, it might be dead, but at the same time I see so many people new to the format try it out (and then never get very far.) But maybe if we all start getting serious about it, if we create (or recreate) that little community of commenters and readers, then something fun might happen with it again.

    Funny thing is, on my last post, most people commented on it via Facebook or sent me emails. Commenting “on the blog” seems to be the more dead thing.

    Glad to see you’re still around, D. I’ll post if you post!

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