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my bouts with anxiety and depression continue….  Depression runs in my family on both sides equals double whammy.   For most of my life I’ve been able to mitigate it with exercise, natural supplements and cope with the help of my good friends,  p o t and alcohol.   However, this fall and winter have been unusually difficult.  I’ve been anti-social  Then, mid decemberish it all came to a  point.     I’m in  group counseling sessions once a week (tonight will be four of eight sessions) and  I started this week working with  a therapist one on one.

I want to make some life changes and it doesn’t happen by itself.   These past few months has been difficult with lots of crying.  in fact, I think last week was the first week I didn’t cry everyday.    These are changes I’m making in my life to be a better me….  My anxiety is interfering with my quality of life which means it’s high time to do something about it.



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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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