more or less = balance

Why do the holidays always sneak up?  I ordered cards only last Friday.  They’ll most likely be sent out late.   I continued to wreak havoc on my liver and kidneys with two holiday parties over the weekend.  The very thought of a beer yesterday made me a little nauseous.  I’ve been drinking copious amounts of detox tea and coconut water today.  sigh.

my sixteen year old orange tabby is on his final leg I swear.  His meow and purr are all gravelly and fucked up. His appetite is off and he’s so needy.   What am I going to do without him…. shit.   Lately he mious at three o clock in the am and I want to strangle him but I love him is that how my marriage is too?   after almost ten years of marriage there are times when we want to strangle each other at least we will be together after the cat dies.  morbid? maybe but whatever, it’s a natural cycle.  I used to be afraid of death more or less because the notion of heaven and hell were drilled into my head and I didn’t want to be condemned to hell.  my conclusion is that this life is all we have and it has the option of being heaven or hell.  You make it what it is.

I’m going to dance as much as possible, laugh every chance I get, smile and tell others I love them, and try to be as happy as I can.  and probably go to hell in a handbasket.   ha.


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One Response to more or less = balance

  1. Brian says:

    And I will probably see you there! Yup…this is what we’ve got, best to do with it what we can, even if it involves a bit of damage to the system. Ahh, life!

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