Happy Va Ca Tion

I started celebrating early this past weekend with celebrating my nana’s birthday.  Drank delicious beer at happy hour, continued with wine and scallops for dinner and ended up with another bottle of wine at least.  I went to the front porch to smoke and somehow fell into the bushes.    There seems to be a pattern of falling into bushes….. through the years.    Morning, I rallied to take advantage of one of the resorts opening early and the fresh snow however forgot how hard it is to do slightly hungover, ouch….  I did not feel so rockstar-ish after a mere four runs.   I sincerely wanted to puke my brains out but nothing came.  Thank god for electrolytes that saved my ass.   The drive home was torturous… repeat torturous.   Due to the new snow no one remembers how to drive, accidents all over the damn place and driving hungover is not fun when you have to pay one hundred and ten percent attention otherwise you are one of those lucky people that end up in a snowbank and have to call towing which is backed up equals miserable.  thankfully due to all the amazing electrolytes I arrived three hours later approximately safely home.   Took a nap and off again for more shenanigans.    Dinner and a Ball were the course of the Saturday night’s inappropriate theme.   Makeup, hair and nails were all prepared.   Extra Dirty Martinis, wine and our table of seven were duly “the inappropriates.”   It was fabulous and decadent.   I did not take photos to properly document any of said events.  sigh.

Today was my first day of vacation and what did I do you ask?  I prepared for thanksgiving festivities. in short.

And it dumped.     Jackson Hole Mountain Resort reported today they are opening the entire repeat entire mountain this weekend.  It will be amazing and I plan to not be hungover. at all.

good night and sweet dreams.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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2 Responses to happy

  1. Brian says:

    I feel like that all too often these days! Oh booze and nicotine, I just can’t quit you…

    Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

  2. D says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one… we should hang out and celebrate our vices!
    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving as well ~ xoxo

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