state of grace

I had my first office meeting yesterday afternoon, outside in the sun, at the mountain, eating moose tracks (chocolate and peanut butter chunks in vanilla) ice cream.   I went in at 9; allowing room for either a morning run, a yoga session or the most favored option of sleeping in.   There is also flex time in the winter allowing room for ski runs before work or at lunch.  Oh yes, my prayers have been answered with this one.    Not to say I won’t have my hands full because I will, no doubt about it.

My life is near perfect at this moment.  I have just the right amount of activity going on.   I feel happy and content in this moment just to know everything is going to be okay.   How hard it was, how hard I’ve made it on myself, to get to this moment.

I couldn’t help crying Monday afternoon in spite of myself; waves of relief. I went for a run on the side of the mountain afterwards inbetween woods and meadows full of wildflowers………..

About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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