Not safe

“It doesn’t smell like the beach. It smells like a gas station. There are no fish in the water. There’s nothing alive in the water.”

“Tips from the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency offers the following tips for avoiding negative health impacts from an oiled shoreline:

Avoid entering areas where oil can be seen or smelled.

Avoid direct skin contact with oil, oil-contaminated water and sediments.

Do not swim or ski in areas affected by the oil spill, and if traveling through the area by boat, take precautions when hoisting the boat anchor. If oil makes contact with skin, wash it off with soap and water.

Do not harvest or eat fish found dead, fish with oily residue or fish that have a petroleum odor.

Avoid boating through oil slicks or sheens.

Young children, pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems and individuals with underlying respiratory conditions should avoid oily areas.

Prevent pets from entering oil-contaminated areas.”

All’s gone to hell in a handbasket…

Gulf Restoration Network


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