I glanced outside the office window this morning around 9:30 to see a girl in a black tank top, jeans and boots with a cigarette in one hand and a tall boy pbr in the other.   It’s a little early for beer I thought to myself.  Maybe she needed it to recover from last night,  maybe she’s on vacation.  The phone rang suddenly bringing my attention back indoors.  When I looked again, she was gone.

I went home for lunch to sit outside and enjoy the sun for thirty minutes or so.  The neighbor’s green eyed tabby came sauntering by intent on finding the vole she had killed the day before now made into her personal play toy.  I watched as she batted and tossed it here and there seeming oblivious to anything else around her suddenly stopping and eying the bird that landed in the tree above her head.  You could almost hear her thinking out loud, ‘Can I get that bird before he flies away?”   She threw her plaything around a few more times before coming onto the deck to say hello.   Despite her friendliness I didn’t reach down to pet her, dirty kitty.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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