Missing too

Andy Smith, Field Scientist
B.A. Environmental Conservation, University of Colorado
staff  photo We are deeply saddened by the death of our friend and colleague Andy Smith. He passed away on June 12, 2010. We enjoyed working with him for 7 years. He was a field scientist focusing on stream habitat restoration and he was very passionate about his work. He was able to take on any field task no matter how random or challenging. When he wasn’t in the field he was compiling reports in the office, correcting our grammar, making us laugh with his wonderfully inappropriate humor, partaking in the office goodies and going on coffee runs. Andy genuinely cared about the people in his life and was very thoughtful in his daily interactions. When he wasn’t working, he enjoyed spending time with his adorable daughter Anika, socializing, being on the river fishing, mountain biking and skiing. We will all miss him greatly.

Taken by Water

He had gone this gray and spitting day looking for fishes, to study the work of his own hands – work done from his heart in the bright glow of a computer screen and then hand and hand with heavy equipment rumbling. How had the great mother re-worked this work – the pool: riffle ratios, meander patterns and bottom substrates so carefully manipulated by he to help her own? Surprisingly he spied a crane’s nest, tucked in neatly and nestled in sedges, surrounded by the protection of water, with the water coming down. She was prostrate, sodden, her neck outstretched and body draped to protect her egg, the season was late, odds were against her and still she hung on. But the water kept coming and when he returned two weeks later she was gone – her nest overwhelmed and flooded. In a single fleeting moment a decision was made and with rufous blur and dripping wings she took flight and disappeared.

Jeff Klausmann, June 14, 2010


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