no pain

Today is going on three months of working part time and while I’ve enjoyed (for the most part) the extra time is not kind on my spending habits.  No more impulse buys at the local boutiques.  My cheese and wine budget has been cut more than in half which is healthier however, I’ve reverted to beer on a budget which entails growlers refilled at $6  (about 5 pints).  Not bad for all sorts of yummy delicious beer.  My diet went even further to hell in a hand basket this weekend when I spent the majority of my friday picking morels.  First time ever.  It was akin to a treasure hunt.   We made a fritatta with morels for breakfast, we cooked them in garlic and butter (delicious), we lightly dusted them with flour and again cooked them in butter (heavenly).  We made deep dish pizzas with red sauce and morels, we made thin crust pizza with fontina, morels and truffle oil.   Yesterday, all I did was eat, drink and play with my niece and nephew so it wasn’t a completely do nothing day. I could easily go on a morel diet; after all, they are high in protein.   So for the not so nice part of the weekend;  I had extremely sad news in that a good friend of ours took his life on saturday…. his daughter is my niece’s best friend, he was always present to celebrate birthdays, we played on the ski hill a good bit together this winter, and he was part of my boy’s fishing crew…. We knew he was having a rough go of it; I guess he called the bluff and said” times up.”   I hope he is in a happier place without any pain…..  There were so many people that loved him and maybe he never knew it or could feel it…It’s a tragic reminder to reach out to the ones you love and don’t hold back- let them know how important they are to you;  practice random acts of kindness, be there and support each other.  You never know what a difference it might make in that person’s life……

At one point in my life I worked for a hospital (volunteering) for the rape-suicide crisis hotline.   I had to take part in some intense training in case I was the one that got “that call.”    Thankfully, I never had anyone that was committed to the act and never had to resort to dialing *911 however, there were a few close calls.    Pain and suffering;  Samsara.

To tops things off with a cherry bomb, the spill in the gulf is like a nightmare that keeps  on going.  Guess I’m not going home this year to enjoy laying on the beach.  This spill will have economic and environmental repercussions that will last ten,twenty years and even permanently.   Looks like we’re not the only ones that have lost to the greediness and mismanagement in oil….the best (translate sarcasm “worst”) fun factoid about this whole thing is that it could have been averted….

Now for something good to create balance; the sun has shown her face for a full day highlighting all the green new growth and in about an hour I will be catching a horse to ride and working on getting comfortable in the saddle again.

**Andy Smith:  You are loved and you are already sorely missed…..


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