Apparently my 16 year old orange tabby isn’t as senile or as old as I thought.   Over memorial day weekend I spent a few nights out and in anticipation changed his food from the horribly smelling wet stuff to dry.   He grew up on Iams, purina, maybe now and again science diet but nothing ever really “good” for him.   I switched him over after his sister passed away to a much healthier brand of kitty food which he seemed to really enjoy.  However, lately he hadn’t been eating as much and every time I was in the kitchen he was right underneath me begging much like a dog. I started experimenting with him to see what he might eat.  Hummus, carrots, avocado; it was comical.  Since he’s been back on the dry food, he’s gained weight and has almost stopped begging.  Not only that, the past two mornings, guess who has been miouing at the top of his lungs in between 5 and 5:30.  This morning I heard him running,  paws on the carpeted steps up to our bedroom. Stopping and again in that deep, loud, drawn out miou. This went on for it seemed for an hour.  Eventually he  jumped on the bed and I smooshed him with one arm wrapped around as I tried to go back to sleep until my alarm told me it was time to get out of bed.   He is an evil cat depriving me of my sleep.

To make matter worse this morning I went to grab a tea cup and discovered the whole shelf had collapsed breaking two of my favorite dinner plates.


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