I’m not sure when exactly he started in this morning; all I know it was early especially with the time change…  Meow, meow, meeeeowwwww, over and over walking into the living room, back to the bedroom, in between us, on my back and then the very loud meowing process starts all over again.   I refused to move, refused to give in to his boredom for that is what I think it is.  He’s fifteen and either has selective hearing or can’t hear at all.   I try to test it out on occasion and he’s tricky like he knows what I’m doing so I’m still not sure.    When the alarm finally went off at 6:30, he was back on the bed so I put him under the covers incurring a deep purring sound.  Maybe this is what I should have done all along I thought to myself as I struggled to talk myself into getting out of bed.

The older he gets the more vocal he is.  Is this what happens to us I wonder?   I have several older clients who all  have very distinct personalities. Some of them are funny, some grumpy except on good days, some are eccentric and almost all of them have a story to tell.  So maybe he’s just trying to tell his story.   I’ll ask him to start using his inside voice….


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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