spring like

Impromptu sushi party at my house Wednesday night caused me to stay up past by bedtime.  One of my guests made an amazing and delicious blackberry margarita which was followed by wine and sake’.   It was a fun night however it made me very tired yesterday.    I debated going in to work but it’s my last week of full time so I stayed in bed a bit longer hoping it would help, drank a gallon of water, took a shower, stopped by the bagel shop and went in to late to work.   Motivation to actually do anything was non-existent.  thankfully it was a slow day so I just had to “look” like I was being somewhat productive.

I kept staring out the window,  snow melting,  dripping from the roof, sounding like a light drizzle expect for the deep blue sky and streaming sunlight that have declared spring is here.  The grizzly bears are coming out of hibernation which I’ve since learned is a sure sign of the season change. Like it or not snow storms are giving way to spring showers.

I had such a good night’s sleep and am now rejuvenated for weekend fun in the sun and snow.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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