Here’s a blog I came across today that altogether made me smile and laugh….     Life is beautiful and funny and those are the things I need to concentrate on.  It’s so easy to get pulled down into the depths of the the pain and sadness; easy  I said!   Here’s to yet another new beginning and a new day of trying to find the beauty and staying positive.

I took a test last Friday and did not achieve the results I so wanted.   The weekend was spent largely moping, crying and feeling sorry for myself.  I dreaded coming home and  facing my friends and co-workers with this news.   However, to my surprise; I have had a great deal of  support and a general attitude of “don’t let the bastards get you down.”   And by the way I am milking the sympathy factor for all it’s worth!   I can smile today and am feeling more myself.   I now need to ascertain if this is a direction I am certain I should go in and take the test one more time.  Three times do or die and then it’s quits.    Time for plan B and to move on to the next idea which is somewhat vague at this moment but I have no doubt it will surface at the right time.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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