saying farewell is never easy….


Yesterday I had to put my gwen kitty to sleep.  I knew she hadn’t been feeling well for a while but didn’t think it was anything serious.   In retrospect yesterday I questioned myself.  Should have I been more proactive?     She’s been vomiting here and there for the past few months but nothing more than hairballs.   I needed to take her into the vet for her annual and have been putting it off…..  I started to feel guilty for not doing more.   She couldn’t keep anything down friday.  I went to sleep with her on the couch friday night; giving her love and trying to get her to drink water.     saturday morning I found her in a corner lying on the floor and looking disoriented.  I knew it couldn’t be good.  The ultrasound found a large cancerous mass on her liver. The vet said there were a few things we could try however at best it would be a band-aid.  I didn’t want to prolong her suffering so that was that.  I stood beside her and gave her kisses and love as the vet gave her an overdose of anesthetic.

Almost losing my orange kitty earlier this fall in a way prepared me for having to let gwen go.  Even if I had found out earlier that gwen had cancer what more could I have really done?  Spent time and money in vet bills to try to make her better?  No, I think although it was emotional and hard to do,  it happened the way it should have happened.  Her life wasn’t prolonged and she isn’t suffering any longer.  We had a great fifteen years together and I’m thankful I didn’t lose both of them within the same time frame.  I might have been a crying mess otherwise.   Thank you gwen for being such a great kitty…….


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4 Responses to saying farewell is never easy….

  1. Brian says:

    So sorry to hear this, Del. I still think about all the pets I had when I was younger, and how hard it was to lose them. They’re never “just a pet.”

  2. D says:

    Thanks Brian… they become part of you; part of your family…. thanks for your thoughts ~ xo

  3. steve says:

    sorry. the love was worth it i think.

  4. D says:

    the love is always worth it…. thanks Steve ~

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