I’m in transition to become a dirt pimp.  I took my exam this past Friday and while I didn’t fail the whole thing I didn’t pass it either.  It’s been a hard pill to swallow.  I thought I was spot on to pass the first time.   Thankfully I arranged for a massage afterwards and met up with friends in Park City.   Ate some great food, got to see a live show (it was stellar) and hung out practicing yoga moves, reading and drinking tea.    My friends helped deter the emotions for the weekend that came rushing back  yesterday like a ten foot wave once again rendering an emotional outburst.

I’m in the process of re-evaluating my perspective and trying to decide what direction to move in.   I want to work with a broker that has integrity and honesty if there is such a thing;  I also want a mentor.  Someone that’s been in the business for some time and knows the ins and outs.   Long term I’m hoping this will provide some sort of financial security and the ability to get out of debt as well as give me the flexible schedule I desire.

Going to concentrate on my resume, talk to different brokers in the area and re-take the remainder of the test…. go time… after turkey day…


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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