My unanticipated detour making it a  twelve mile  hike last sunday was quite the challenge after being sick for almost three weeks.  It was a beautiful hike through woods winding up switchbacks to a boulder field making an alpine lake our destination.   Also unanticipated was the snow that fell on us while navigating  the semi-treacherous, snow covered rocks.  There was no time for photos at the top due to the storm rolling in as we made our way down in almost a white out.   I took my time with the placement of my footing and hands both on the way up and down using all four limbs.  During this course, I noticed when I started  to think about something else, my placement was off.   I wasn’t able to think about anything else other than what my next step was.  It was such a great feeling; this having to stay in the constant moment, really being in the present. I couldn’t rush or let my attention wander in the slightest.   I also find the same thing happens occasionally when I run or when I’m riding.   I don’t think.    This being in the present is much harder when you think about it.    I also find I need, I crave these moments.  Moments of solitude and peacefulness.  We think entirely too much.  About this and that and the what ifs and past and future when all that is required of us is to be and live in the present.   To let ourselves experience the moment……..


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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One Response to anticipate

  1. Gage says:

    I love the unanticipated.

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