foxes and eagles and horses…..

My mornings are cool, waking up to temperatures sometimes in the high thirties.  The sun comes over the mountains spilling its warmth  into the valley.  I see the mist rising from the lakes and fields as I drive out to the ranch.   The horses I’m working with are usually at the far end of the paddock and no amount of whistling even with a bucket of grain can convince them to stop grazing and come to me.   So I get a little extra exercise as I round them up to bring them to the stable to be groomed and tacked.   On my way to “catch” them yesterday, I startled a fox in the high grass.  He ran a safe distance away, stopped and watched me walk.  I also watch an eagles nest in a large cottonwood tree in the next paddock over.   It’s not uncommon to see either the father or mother eagle flying overhead bringing food to the baby that is as large as the parents.  It should start flying any day now…..

The four horses I ride have such the personalities and are so good.   It’s amazing to feel how powerful and sensitive these beautiful creatures are….   I fall in love with them every day….

I have yet to make good on my promise of photos and truth be told I’ve been too busy enjoying and savoring my time with them…..  photos will come…eventually ~


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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