big time

5.29 unfinished post

I think about you dear blog and how I am not writing and although i know i should be the time isn’t made for the words to come out.  I have had many the adventure and one or two shenanigans since I last wrote ….. it started on a friday afternoon happy hour at a local wine bar, replete with trying to play pool, dancing to cowboy music, watching serious poker players in a back room whilst receiving dirty looks and ending the night listening to a bad dj and watching eastern europeans dancing strangely in the corner of a room.   Next day resorted to m see donalds, diet coke and spent most of it on the couch watching english premier league.

The following week I celebrated my eighth wedding anniversary…….  we had such a nice evening to ourselves and stayed in for a  romantic evening of sashimi and sake.  Took an morning jaunt up to yellowstone as the sun was rising to greet the mountains, elk and moose around every corner in the early morning hours.  Visited the geysers, saw a few bears and spotted my first ever wolf in a standoff with an elk…….

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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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