bet you want to

I thought about this pool and house today while I was on my way home for lunch.  How nice it was to go for a swim or bask in the sun on the deck midday.

One of these second home owners in the hole needs to lend me their unused and unappreciated deck…..

It was a lazy weekday waking up after a normal night out listening to a local punk rock band, smoking cigerettes and drinking manhattans.  David and I decided we needed to find a pool or several.  He cleaned salt water fish tanks and had a few clients on the island.  We threw our bikes into the back of his truck, changed into swimsuits and just like that pool poaching became the goal of the day.    It was a not yet full tilt summer day; a bit of coolness could still be felt in the ocean breeze while riding alongside the white sandy beach with aquamarine water.   We scoped out a hotel to sneak into, ordered a few drinks on room number 112 in the name of “Smith,”  went swimming in the cool water and practiced our cannonballs,  then biking to a client’s house, pretended to be the salt water fish tank assistant, back on bikes, new hotel, same story. Ending the day with margaritas and steak tacos at the Sun Ray Taco Shop giggling like little kids at our success of the day…..

Frustration and struggle are part of the process although I want to pull all my hair out and scream at times I can tell I’m starting to feel better…


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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