last try

This is the last weekend at JHMR.   How I wanted to call in sick this week to experience the eighty some inches of snow we’ve received in the past week alas how my day job gets in the way.    So I’ve kept my fingers crossed that it would just keep snowing up to and continuing to the weekend.    I had the same issue when it was overhead, glassy and virtually no wind on perfect mornings in the gulf…..  sometimes calling in late to work or just not going at all.     It’s a somewhat similar atmosphere here with the snow of giddiness and excitement.   Is this what I’ve amounted to?

I’m in need of some intellectually stimulating  inspirational conversation over a nice bottle of wine.   I need to make friends… and the very thought of engaging in social situations makes me want to gag…. ugh.    I need to get over my anxiety…. and do it in a conscious, positive manner instead of just drinking too much to make it go away….


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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