one week later and it’s still snowing.. although I’m not complaining; I feel the need for warm sweaters, soup and tea…..

I find myself contemplating perceptions… of myself and others.    I was in a situation the other day wherein I feel I had/was being judged.   I try not to let what other people think of me get to my head however now and again I question and wonder….   I’m human and far from perfect.  I make mistakes and fall down on a regular basis.    I always get back up and try again no matter what.   Lately I’ve felt my anxiety come back here and there bringing with it butterflies into the pit of my stomach in social situations.   Walking into a crowded room with no one I know passing the waiting on a friend time texting friends I do know…..    This feeling of aloneness  that creeps up; missing my girls in the place I used to call home.   Knowing when I go back to visit; things remain the same however changed….   Bringing my thoughts into focus.. I made this choice and now I must stand firm and be myself…. for better or for worse…..


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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