I felt like such a little kid today asking permission at work to take the afternoon off to play in what will most likely be the last storm of the season’s snowfall gracing us with twenty one inches in twenty four hours.  I’m anxious for the afternoon to be here.   Most of the ones I know that could were up and at it early on.  I could wait until the weekend however what fun is that?

Last weekend gave me plenty of down time in which to think; in between winter and the mud season that becomes Spring….   Out of all the places to live in the world; I chose Jackson.    For a change of pace; a change in lifestyle.

I second guess myself every now and again when I meet someone or hear of a story from individuals that have been here for ten or more years…  There is sometimes something lost in them…. A loss in passion; enthusiasm for being alive.      I never want to be like that.

I am fortunate to work with other individuals that have grown up and lived here their whole lives and in them I find a kindred spirit; an appreciation and permission to take time off to enjoy this insanely crazy beautiful place we live in.

I am extremely fortuante; then again; I chose Jackson.       In an hours’ time I will be on the mountain making half snowangels on my snowboard and being grateful to experience a certain kind of bliss.

I am all smiles today……


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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