dreaming restless

There is something extremely enjoyable watching snow fall, the quietness and peacefulness it exudes.  Something in that; I need today.  Upon going to bed last night I felt my mind racing about nothing and everything, in the midst I started repeating a mantra to quiet my mind however this morning it’s hard to tell where the line was drawn between waking and dreaming.   I’ve had relatively dreamless sleep of late at least of what I can remember so this was making up for lost time?    I was myself in another life, a version of myself I hardly recognized.  Seems strange upon waking and reflection.    I’ve had dreams wherein I wake up angry at my loved one or upset with a friend and have acted as if it were something that occurred in real time.   I’ve always aspired to keep a dream journal however I am jealous of my sleep and do not have the patience or determination to do so.   It would be interesting nontheless to see what came of it……..


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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