go time

I have friends from Florida coming  in about a week.  Other than a set of parents this will be the second visit from the gulf coast.  In anticipation I have been cleaning.    I  used to have an house that was over 2000 square feet with a pool and a yard to manage; now I have a condo that is hardly 900 square feet and I have trouble keeping it clean and tidy.  How things change.   How my priorities have shifted to leading a much more active lifestyle.

I meant to get back to writing this week or at least trying to however you can see for yourself how well that worked out.  I’ve had mood swings from hell and my grumpiness factor hit the roof today.  I went home at lunch to take a catnap.  My other half was first making noise in the kitchen, then messing wtih the washer and dryer.  I didn’t get any rest and the purpose of lying down in the first place ended in defeat.   I grudgingly came back to work hoping to have a short day and learned one of my co-workers had scheduled a four o’clock meeting on a Friday.  Who does that?  So when two of them went to ski for an hour we switched their jeans.   It made the afternoon better.

The upside is that snow is in the forecast and I’m feeling better after almost losing my voice and fighting off a cold with lots of green tea with triple echinicea and emergen-c.  Now I feel the need to start exercising again and getting back to where I was pre-winter.

that’s the plan.. i’m sticking to it and it’s going to be a great weekend….


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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