Make it beautiful

The sun has come out from behind the clouds for a mid winter break from the snow storms.   A moment for pause, reflection and giving thanks….

I’m re-inventing to:  make myself beautiful (on the inside); inspire change; promote love and compassion; be happy.    Bringing it back once again to these virtues…  I fall and lose what I’m striving for bringing in thoughts of self doubt, fear and even self loathing at times.   It’s just like anything else.   This takes work and the  falling down and getting up and repeating this cycle is important.    Change in making myself a better person, loving myself for who I am faults and all and let myself me true to myself.. being me…..

Something fun and beautiful for you to look at here courtesy of  Teton Art Lab

Whoever makes love grow boundless, and sets his mind for seeing the end of birth, his fetters are worn thin. If he loves even a single being, Good will follow. But the Noble One with compassionate heart for all mankind, generates abounding good. – Buddha


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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