I have several dogs that frequent my office.  Jack, Mingus, Soppa and Hank.  Business offices here tend to be dog friendly; I have even seen them walking into the bank of course owner in tow.   Jack is a golden, Mingus and Soppa are black labs and Hank is an english pointer.  They all have the greatest of personalities and make the office even more enjoyable that it already is.  Good thing we’re all animal lovers…

I was thinking this morning as I was giving Mingus love how funny he is.  He’s himself.  He is an expert on being in the present.  Just being.  We as people / humans struggle with this most simplistic  of ideals.  To just be.  I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve been told ” Just be yourself.”  We get wrapped up in the past or lost in the future when we should be in the here and now.     My study of Buddhism reiterates living in the present.   My trip to Oregon was attempting to learn more about living in the present.   Maybe I should have consulted with the dogs in my office instead.  They are perfect examples.



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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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