bringing it back…

I wrapped christmas presents last night.   I only have a few more left.  It’s nice to have the whole pressure of “what am I going to get so and so” off.  I also started early (in June) and tried to be thoughtful.   In light of the recent turn of events with the economy going to hell in a handbasket it’s also a relief to not have to spend much this year….   Most of the conversations I’ve had lately have reiterated the concern and worry about what will happen and even one individual was as far to say people needed to wake up and realize what is happening because if people knew what was really going on they would flip out.  We need to start buying up gold…   So that was one extreme and I know our economy is in shambles and it’s been headed that way for a while after all this didn’t happen overnight.  Consumerism is king after all and we’ve all been living way beyond our means with approvals for loans we can’t afford, for mac-mansions, second homes and credit limits that are way past the average salary.  So here we are in a pickle with a new president elect that has promised change and now just now it’s been confirmed we are in a recession?   hmm…. maybe the general public does need to wake up.   Will this increase the ever growing gap between those who have and those who have not?   

I feel fortunate to be working where I do and to be able to pay my bills.   I realize even more the must do factor of getting out of credit card debt.    Shopping is on lockdown.  The need versus the want.   I don’t need anything.    I sent an email to my family last week telling them to save their money;  we were able to spend time together recently.  Family,  good friends and spending time together sharing and making each other laugh; telling funny stories.  These are the gifts that are important.  Relationships and love…..


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