calmness of night

Photo by: Brent McWhirte

Moon, Jupiter and Venus…..

Yesterday monday was a rough day.. I felt out of sorts and relatively cranky.  My energy has also been low  this past week which is frustrating in and of itself.   I haven’t been getting out to exercise as much which could be a factor and on the weekends I try to make up for it.   Yesterday after work I was determined darkness be damned I was getting  out.  I donned a headlamp, gloves, hat, ipod and was on my way.   I caught a glimpse of the moon and planets just before they were covered with clouds.   Walking in the darkness even on familiar trails was almost eerie being the sole person on the mountain or so it felt.    It was good to be outside in the darkness, in the quiet stillness, peacefulness of the night.

I’m not brave enought to take the trail through the forest by myself so maybe I’ll borrow the neighbor’s dogs for that.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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