a simple bath

I took a nice hot bath last night with Epson Salts and lavender oil; the wonders of a bath.  On the back of the box it read “Epson salt also helps with the fall and winter blues.  Who knew?   I know it helped my aching body last winter from falling all the  damn time while learning to ride my board.   I will admit it’s been a struggle lately to be motivated with darkness falling at five and no more trail running after work.  Baths are one of the nicest things you can for yourself without incurring the cost of going to a spa.   I also gave myself a pedicure and painted my toes.  Since I’ve been a Wyoming girl the toe painting has gone by the wayside.   It felt really nice.  I’ve been feeling like a girl again; more like myself.   I look back this time last year and didn’t even realize how out of sorts I was.   it’s bizarre.   There were days even weeks where I felt my head was in a complete fog and while making myself go through the motions and attempting to create my own happiness the fog never would completely clear.  At the end the day; when the dust cleared and night settled the fog would completely take over.   Since the end of July I’ve only had a few fog induced days and they’ve been of my own doing.  Step by step I’m getting to a better place in all aspects.

About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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