blogs and marriage and give and take

Out of procrastinating work I read my past entries; hard to think I’ve been doing this since 2003; my blog birthday coming up in January of 09 – just now completing my fifth year and nothing of substance has really been written I think.. just thoughts and venting and a space for me to be.  Maybe that’s what been most important.

I’m also in my seventh year of marriage; seven year itch some would say while still others would say its a pivotal point; that if you can survive seven years then the chances of divorce are minimized.   Marriage as with anything has its ups and downs and if you don’t both work at it then it becomes stale.

At times its been super frustrating and other times it’s a nothing can top this best feeling in the world.   As we cross over yet into another phase I am thankful for my husband, the man I married seven years ago who lets me be myself in every aspect and still loves me for better or for worse……and vice versa…..

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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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