in the making

My Friday continued to be out of sorts; full of conflicted thoughts.

Getting out of my comfort zone once more I ventured with a friend after work to a “healing and meditation” party instead of the various party choices ie local filmaker featuring a snow/ski film with afterparty; I am not getting younger and the whole bro bra attitude can be somewhat nauseating so I feel I chose the mature choice (for once) and very thankful I did.   It was calming and centering; I met some wonderful women (always a good thing) and had homemade indian food.  A lentil dish over rice with nan and spices and yogurt and delicious.    My new phase of cooking will be to undertake indian food.  So any comments, suggestions, recipes would be appreciated.

The weight of the economic undoing is starting to weigh on this valley ourselves much included as the pace slows down.  I am brainstorming as to where and what I want to be doing in a year.   Where I am now is good and I am thankful for it however I went into this with the mentality it was/is going to be my “first job” to get me “in” so to speak in this new community and now having been here a year it’s time to re-evaluate and find new options on the horizon.

The whole “children” topic  is being left as is.   I’m leaning towards getting a dog instead.  We bought a condo at the beginning of the year and have been renting it out so when that lease is up the plan is to move into said condo thus saving dinero on the extra we are spending on our own rent.    Having a dog there would be much more feasible since it’s on the ground floor.   Plan of action to commence.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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