not one whit nope nada

I wanted to give myself a few days to reflect on last weekend before putting something down here.   My visit to the Buddhist Temple I feel was the best part of the trip.   The beginning of the week I was all I feel good; life is good; i still have some work on myself to do and then there is today where i want to throw my hands up in the air and ask what is it good for?  For the greater good?   Is there such a thing?   So this individual I went to see did have grace; she was very loving and compassionate.   Did it feel real?   What is real?   I know nothing.  I lost my nose piercing and had to go in search of a new one Sunday afternoon.   The shop I went to was nice.  The girl with short hair and multiple face piercings working was even nicer.  We sat talking for a few minutes; about my experience and in short “I don’t know jack.”   We had a laugh and parted ways.  Today as I sit at my desk at work I have the same feeling.   Maybe I “feel” too much.  Maybe I put too much thought into whatever I’m “feeling.”    I want to be all like blaaahhhhhh and whatevvvrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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2 Responses to not one whit nope nada

  1. Bob Holmes says:

    Comments would be too long here, I sent you a e-mail. Honesty is the only place to start! Gempo Roshi is in your area.
    They have two websites and tons of info. Peace and Love!!!

  2. Della says:

    Thanks for the e-mail. honesty and truth… so simple it should be right?

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