This chilly morning (it was still in the twenties) on my way to work after having warmed the car up for a few minutes I looked over at the Tetons peaking from the valley set white ablaze by the morning sun and it was breathtaking.  After work last night I went for run, the first time in over two weeks, taking in deep breaths of cold air; my feet pounding on solid no longer soft ground.  The Tetons were on fire from the setting sun; brilliant.  As the leaves fall and colder weather sets in I realize it’s been a year since we moved to this beautiful place and while this year has been anything but easy I am thankful to be here and for all that I have been given and for being blessed.

Everything comes full circle.

Thank you for reading and the kind and warm thoughts that have been sent my way this year.  They helped.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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