creature habits

On my way into work in the morning I often see two robust men with their handlebar mustaches and leather vests walking.   We wave and exchange “good morning” pleasantries.    I am a creature of habit as well.   I have a set running rountine, hiking halfway up Snow King over to Haggins then to Cache Creek.   I keep thinking I need to do something else; explore other trails since there are so many others however I am set on this one for now.   When I go to market Saturday morning I take the same route and park my bike in the same specific spot.   familiarity.   When I wake in the morning I take a few minutes to wake up before geting out of bed to feed the cats, I make coffee and then decide whether or not to take a shower (if I’ve taken one the previous night).   I do this almost every day,  with the exception of weekends where the shower is optional.   I enjoy my routines.  I look forward to them.  This must be a sign of getting older.  *sigh*

About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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