A good point was made to me the other day.  I can’t wait for certain things to happen.  I must live, my life forward, in motion.

Now if I can only not be a jackass.   My “do it or do it right” mentality has been getting the best or worst of me as I don’t have a limit.  The all or nothing -what am I really accomplishing other than a wicked hangover the next day?  I have to bring it all back in to focus.   I’m trying to make life changes and this is not an overnight process.  Bad habits are hard to break.  Learning to be patient and accepting of myself… neccessary.


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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One Response to Focus

  1. Tracy Crowe says:

    You are very right that making life changes is not an overnight process and bad habits are hard to break. I have been struggling to make life changes for over four years now, and I still have a long way to go. It is not a good mentality to beleive that you must get it perfect or it isn’t worth doing. This leads to procrastination and procrastination, according to Napoleon Hill, is pretty much the number 1 reason why people fail. We are terrified of making mistakes. We think we need to know all possible outcomes before we get started, and since that is impossible, we never do. Being accepting of yourself is very important. You need to realize that we all make mistakes, in fact you are supposed to make mistakes so that you can learn from them and move forward. Be patient. You’ll get there.

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