What do you do when a loved one doesn’t want to get better, doesn’t want to change, lives in fear and anger and is unwilling to help themselves?

My mother went to the hospital today…..  I hope she will be able to come out to make a fresh start in time…

This has been / is painful.   I want to be angry with her; I can’t.   I want to tell her she is an asshole for doing this to herself, to her husband, to her children.  She isn’t eating, she isn’t sleeping, she isn’t doing the basic everyday things like taking a shower, brushing her teeth.  She’s paranoid and living in the past.  One day I will have a conversation with her and the next day she doesn’t remember.  She chooses to sit in bed all day, every day, cell phone in hand.  Wanting everything done for her including the path to recovery.  She called suicide hotlines, running up a bill of over $300; when the bill came in she called members of the church telling them when my father received the bill he would beat her.  These church members called my father asking him what was going on -he had no idea.  He has tried to help her in every way imaginable.  He has taken her to numerous doctors.   She has tried all sorts of various medications which may have done her more harm than good.   What has happened to my mother?  Where is the woman my father married?  In the hopes of it doing her some good; my father took her to North Carolina, took her home to see her mom, took her to the mountains.  She flipped.  People told my father they would “pray for his wife.”   All resources have now been exhausted.  He took her to the hospital today to make sure nothing was wrong physically before admitting her to an institution.   This was the last thing any of us wanted.   What do you do when you’re at the end of your rope with some one you love and they are sick, beyond your help?   The last resort.


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