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Going to the grocery store was my accomplishment yesterday and also having a conversation with my neighbor.   He and his wife have moved here also from Florida.  He is an attorney looking for a work.   It made me think I really should be thankful.   We moved here unprepared.  We stayed with friends while looking for a place to live and places to work both of which happened within a months’ time.   We both scored with our jobs as well as our place to live and even more so we were able to buy something here and get into the market while it is still feasible.   Property here is absurd.  One would think that the bubble would burst and affordable housing would be a reality.   The reality is,  people with more money that they know what to do with have second homes here and there are no shortages of these people.   I believe I ran into one of these individuals at a local restaurant a few weekends ago ( after drinking at another local institution)  and after a brief conversation declared him a “jackass.”  Not one of my better moments.   I went back the following weekend and apologized for my behavior (because the last thing you want to do is to piss off the locals).  Fortunately for me they have a great sense of humor and I now have a place as a “regular.”    Another issue, something that has really surprised me.   Something I thought I was going to be able to leave behind as part of the “Redneck Riviera.”    As with any small town, it’s all about who you know; this is a given however, there is here in place what I call a “good old boy network.”   A sort of mens club that has pull and say in almost all the important goings on.  I suppose it happens everywhere to some extent however in smaller towns it’s more noticeable it seems……  issues to circumnavigate…..

So to end going back to the beginning…. I am thankful to be where I am and especially for all the little things that make me smile like reading Tony’s post…..

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