head above water

Day 9 of this process.  I gave myself two weeks so five more days to go.  I might be taking this a step further as I go deeper into letting go.  Forgiving my past.  Coming to terms.   Growth and change.   This is good.  Stepping forward in a positive direction.  I want to hold on, hold on to something, anything, as if my life depended on it.  It’s the hardest thing to let go – let go…. apparently I have not learned this lesson as it is being repeated to me on a much deeper level.   I’m great at consulting with others, addressing my friends and families concerns however when it comes to myself; it’s much harder to diagnose.

A thunderstorm is brewing outside; I hope it rains furiously, I need for it to rain and pound on my soul.  Work it out.  My stomach has a nauseas feel to it; I haven’t been able to shake since yesterday.  What now I ask?  Still working it out……


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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