quick one two three

First of all I woke up this morning to snow – yes, snow!  One to two inches have been predicted however the upside to this is that this weekend promises to be phenomenally  beautiful with bluebird skies and 70 degrees.

Second I know I’m not following through with my promise of writing.   I went to Boulder, CO Memorial Day weekend to see HH the 17th Karmapa; a truly memorable event.   He gave two teaching at the Mackey Auditorium – a beautiful venue.   I really enjoyed being in Boulder and am looking forward to going back and spending more time.

Since then I’ve been busy playing and exploring.   My notebook at home is on the fritz so uploading photos and posting has been an issue for the past two weeks and my time at work has been hectic however no excuses right?!!

I attended the Jackson Hole Film Festival this past weekend – it was amazing and nothing short of inspirational.  Especially the summit panels raising awareness on “Children and Armed Conflict” and “Children and AIDS/HIV.”  Two serious subjects that I was somewhat apprehensive attending however am very glad I did.   My other two (hehe) moments were I got to stand beside a celebrity and it was cool and to top it off I had a great conversation with a random stranger that works for UNICEF (and she gave me her card)!   It’s all about the little things.

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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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