A post I started and didn’t finish – the Friday before last…..

A perfectly picturesque Friday afternoon with not a cloud in the sky and warm spring weather; finishing up a few last minute things at work; an older gentleman walks into the office waiting on another to also finish up a few last minute things and he asks “what do you aspire to?” Not the general banter that is normally heard.

He had a messy bit of snow white hair and crystal blue eyes with a twinkle in them.    The question took me off guard as I was trying to concentrate on finishing up at the matters at hand.  I replied with an “I don’t know” to which he countered, “why do you say you don’t know?”   I replied after a moment, “Well, what do we really know after all.”   After another moment and attempting to be quick on my feet  I said, “Happiness, happiness is what I aspire to.”  “Stream of Consciousness, living in the present, making the most out of every day, living life to the fullest.”  A standard phrase I know however, how many of us get lost in the present moment thinking about the past, about the future… what about now.   It’s a difficult thing.  As with anything the more you do it the better you get at it.    My new friend seemed somewhat satisfied with this answer.   He gave me homework.  To make a list of ten goals.  Attainable, realistic goals.  And to modify them every 6 months or so.  Go back, evaluate and revise the list.   He also told me to find 1000 Places to See Before you Die and to disregard all the hotel information in there; “It’s crap” however to make a another list of the places to travel to.   Both of these lists have been started and I will post them here soon to share.

What do you aspire to?    “breath toward!!”


as·pire [ ə spr ]


1. have particular ambition: to seek to attain a goal; aspire to public office

2. fly high: to soar to a great height ( literary )

[14th century. < Latin aspirare “breathe toward” (see aspirate)]

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