It hasn’t really hit me yet that we are living in Jackson, last of the wild wild west – weekend warrior mentality has take over therefore making the weekends pure fun.  Work seems mostly like a blur as it slides by.   Learning to snowboard has proved to challenging and some days are harder than others but then the ah-ha moment when you get it makes it all worth while.  The falling is all part of it.   Falling in powder is another thing and almost fun except of the times you get buried up to your waist and have to take off the board and walk out.

Learning to balance once again in all aspects as I find my footing.


About Della

photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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2 Responses to balance

  1. Wait umm.. I lost track.. which Jackson> Miss? Ill check the facebooks. i mean.. i think youre on my facebooks.

  2. dellaruth says:

    Mississippi is a state (no offense) I would not want to live in ~
    Jackson, Wyoming is more like it ~ I’ve been lost in the land of snow for the past few months…..

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