I’m all over the place with my thoughts;  going back to intentions; goals I’ve kind of set for myself… like getting my yoga certification when i can’t even keep up on my own a steady practice… lack of perseverance.   I’d also this winter like to teach myself basic guitar – I haven’t hardly picked the instrument up.    How I would like to keep fit and loose these ten extra pounds I’ve put on this past year which again reminds me I’m turning another year older and what do I want.   Where do I see myself.   Yes, once again; I know this new job is temporary as I gain my bearing s and chart the next course.   My photography is also on this list as well as learning to speak a second language well – I would like that language to be Korean however I do know that is one goal on hold.   My own mortality is looking at me and wondering what direction I should take.  The only certain thing I know at this moment is on Sunday I’m taking snowboard lessons (again – a refresher course) and I’m looking forward to being outdoors in fresh air maybe doing something akin to surfing ~  I dreamt the other night about sitting on my westwind with head high smooth glassy sets and feeling the power of the wave beneath me…. warm salt water has been replaced with fresh soft snow powder and blue skies in my head.

Two things:  No matter where and what –   It has to be beautiful;  and…..I want to be a bright light……….

peace and love for all sentient beings worldwide ~

*forwarning – this is a tangent – going about how to title this and started smiling …   I’ve been reading on and off for the past few months “Satsang with Gangaji” –  (after trying to wade through Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”  ugh – to no avail – however I have friends that say it’s changed their lives) – for me it’s been one of those really good books – read a bit and put it down a bit – anyway  – Buddhism also explores “no-thing”  something else I’ve been studying the past year which might explain some  of the quotes and random-ness – so back to the point – could i ever really be a “writer” – haha – just kidding – no thing – right so I was reading “satsang” and it came over me – the hugest wave of sigh of relief.  the realization of no-thing.   it was nothing short of brilliant!  I think I sat on the couch and giggled for a good fifteen minutes cracking myself up.   “Satsang with Gangaji” has been one of those books the right time at the right place. –    for me.. at least for now………   this ends the tangent!


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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