fair weather

I know, I know…. my rather weak attempt at blogging has amounted to nothing of late and I think back in the day when I was a “blogger” girl….. a regular once maybe even twice a day post…. wow…those were the days. ha! Maybe the downfall was in to switching to WP no actually,  this is largely due to the fact I had a regular non stimulating desk job with tons of free time in front of a computer all day… now I have no job and while it would make sense to be in front of a computer looking for said job i find i get easily sidetracked with hmmm this thing.. life and living and present moment-ness and just being…..  I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be something I’m not and trying too hard to please everybody else and this, that and the other…. for the first time in my life I’m really happy…. and there’s so much going on – a whirlwind of sorts and it’s okay….  Taking one day at a time and being thankful for all the little things!!     Brian and BM and anyone else who reads me sometimes… thank you so much for checking in on me and commenting!   You know it’s really made me smile this beautiful wonderful bloggy community!!!

okay, so enough sappiness ….

The past year has been crazy… highs and lows and yet perfect…. here’s to “come what may” and “living life to the fullest” ~   Wishing you the utmost happiness ~


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photography a work in progress; always growing, continually learning
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3 Responses to fair weather

  1. Brian says:

    Hey Della, I’m still here of course, and love the little community we have. I also firmly believe that all of us will one day be sitting around a table together sharing a drink and telling stories, because for me that’s what this whole business is all about: making connections with other people from around the world, and I know BM believes that, because I’m probably cribbing most of what I just said from stuff he’s already said.

    And also, I think you raise a good point about the desk job and the more-frequent blogging. It seems to have gone down in general over the past year or so, and I’m wondering if people either a) lost interest or b) did it too much that blogger and wordpress get firewalled at the workplace now!

    Here endeth the longeth post!

  2. bicyclemark says:

    Della dear… sometimes even the lack of posting is telling… telling of something exciting or wonderfully distracting going on in the offline life. Which is a welcome thing. I await more of such things in my own life.. though I wont pretend to have a boring life… I could just use a bit more spice in it!

    So anyway keep doing and ceasing the day and living in the present and indeed.. check in here and reflect on it if you wish.. I enjoy reading the reflections and might even take inspiration from it from time to time.

    ps- Im plotting a journey back to NOLA and Tallahassee in December.. not for sure yet… but you’ll be one of the first to hear from me if I do.

  3. dellaruth says:

    I so look forward to the day when the three of us are sitting down sharing a drink! What fun!

    Thank you both for making me smile and the encouragement 🙂

    BM, again I’ll miss you on the gulf coast!!

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