home sweet home?

So my wine gig is up.  I am once again free from the bonds of the industry.   Just in time too as the place was beginning to get busy with regular wine tastings and fancy private parties.  Too much for me.   I’m now looking to maybe get a gig as a wine rep and moving back to the gulf coast where I belong at least for now.   Back into the heat and humidity.   I had a headache for a week straight before I realized it was my sinuses.  These things as we get older!  We took an impromptu trip to new orleans.  Visited some friends and took a jaunt down an empty and eerily quiet bourbon street.   I tried to make an appointment to see a voodoo priestess however she was booked so next time I’ll plan in advance.    Due to the nature of intoxication I managed to lose my camera and purse in one of the local drinking establishments.   The next day after freaking out for a moment we remembered where we had been and went by only to find it locked and closed.   We called and left a message for the owner.   Not five minutes later he shows up.   He came by the bar randomly to check on something.  We inquired as to whether he had happened to find a purse.   Crazy thing, he had it…..  with my camera and everything intact.   He said it happens “all the time” and  had planned to mail it back.     Saints do exist!!

I have yet to go the beach after being here for over a week; it’s really too hot!  Looking for a place to rent until we decide where and what we’re doing.   We need a plan to become independently wealthy so we can travel.  Any suggestions?


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3 Responses to home sweet home?

  1. bicyclemark says:

    Get yourself on a speaking tour.. I havent quite done that, but all my many travels lately are under the excuse of being invited to speak about something.

  2. dellaruth says:

    interesting thought…. maybe something i should check out? Thanks BM!!

  3. writer x says:

    One would hope you could find saints in NO.

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