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While SXSW is wrapping up, Bicyclemark is making his way to the Crescent City. This is huge. It’s an emotional and sore subject for all Gulf Coast residents and especially for those still displaced living in New Orleans and Mississippi. Habitat along with so many private organizations have helped in tremendous ways and people have come together in the face of tragedy. It’s a true testament to faith and strength in the face of adversity. Disaster is disaster and could have would have should have never helps anyone out. The time is now to look ahead and do what should be done to resolve issues and get this bitttersweet, beautiful city back on its feet and playing. Music like New Orleans is an essential part of your soul and I would like to think that holds true for most of the Gulf Coast if not for anywhere else. This city holds a fine line between all there is teetering on the edge. I hope and I pray all is not lost…… because what we had was really something.  Go forth Bicyclemark, go forth……

“Musician Wynton Marsalis considers music to be central to the everyday lives of New Orleaneans, saying, “The reason music came from us is we had a lot of ceremonies that required music. We have produced great musicians in every type of form you can think of – jazz, blues. It’s all a part of people’s everyday lives.”‘


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  1. bicyclemark says:

    Thanks Della… means alot alot to hear that encouragement coming from you. My favorite Wynton quote comes from “When the Levees broke” when he says the following:

    “All this has been almost like looking in the mirror.. you know, when you look in the mirror and you pause for a second and you see yourself and you say.. dam.. I thought I was 10 pounds overweight.. Im 50 pounds overweight. thats us now.. looking at ourselves and we don’t like what we see.”

    He says it better.. but I wanted to post that one up there as best I could.

  2. dellaruth says:

    too true…. too true ~

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